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This is my personal webpage. Its intention is no other than summarize my professional work & skills, showcase my personal life interests and hobbies, and possibly share some texts that I write every now and then.

Aquesta és la meva pàgina personal. La intenció no és altra que resumir-hi les meves habilitats i experiències professionals, presentar els meus interessos personals, i segurament compartir alguns textos que escrit de tant en tant.



I am currently working as Project Manager (2019-) for TAVIL IND S.A.U., a company based near Girona that specializes the construction of automatic industrial machinery for packing, palletizing and handling. As Project Manager (mostly, for projects in France but also in other countries), I am in charge of all the process that concerns an industrial project from the moment that it's sold: planning, overseeing, keeping stakeholders informed, organizing resources, monitoring progress, making sure the project is completed in time, within the budget, and accomplishing all the requirements in terms of performance, quality, safety.

Before this position, I worked as automatician (2015-2019) in the same company's R&D department, being in charge of developing existing and new features for the company's machines together with the rest of the team, implementing the solution by means of software, PLC and robots programming; and, afterwards, implementing the solution at the customer's factory.

Programmer, web developer

Programming has been an interest of mine since I was young. I have developed several web applications for different purposes during my life, usually in PHP. Most notably, I have been currently Director of Technology (2014-2022) of Bàsquet Girona, a basketball club in my city which was founded, and is being led, by NBA player Marc Gasol. As director of technology, I advise the basketball club sports' directors about new ideas and possibilities that may be applied in order to improve the players and teams performances. I am also in charge of developing and maintaining an internal database with a web graphic interface that records all kinds of data about the players and teams: performance during the season matches, antropological and physical data over the years, etc. as well as a private area for club players' families with all kinds of resources.


During the years 2013-2017, I was elected as chair (president) of Amical Wikimedia, a non-profit organization that works towards promoting free knowledge in Catalan language in Wikimedia projects, specially Wikipedia. Previously, I also receiveed an scolarship for working along with several Catalan and Spanish universities in order to establish fruitful relationships with Wikipedia and, more generally, with free knowledge; as well as organizing a contest about writing Wikipedia articles both in Catalan and Spanish related to manufacturing processes.

Hobbies and interests


I have visited 52 countries up to this moment (Sep'21).

  • Northernmost point: Mikkeli, Finland
  • Southernmost point: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Westernmost point: San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Easternmost point: Hội An, Vietnam
  • Farthest point from home: 10550 km, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Tallest point: 3842 m, Aiguille du Midi, France
  • Deepest point: 85.5 meters below sea level, Death Valley, CA, USA
  • Warmest temperature: ?
  • Coldest temperature: -30 °C, Mikkeli, Finland


I have played basketball since I was 7. During the years 1997 to 2009, I played for Club Bàsquet Sant Josep Girona, with whom, in the U18 season, we secured a 7th place in the Spanish championship, the best result ever obtained by a team based in Girona. From 2009 onwards I have played for Club Esportiu Onyar, normally in the position of power forward.

Wikipedia and free knowledge

I have contributed to Catalan Wikipedia (and its sister projects) since 2005, currently counting more that 65.000 contributions. Besides this, I also served as Amical Wikimedia's chair for four years, have attented several national and international meetings, and I run Python bots that help maintain and improve the encyclopedia. In my userpage you can read more about regarding my contributions in the project, where I was elected also as an administrator.


My coin collection was started sometime around when I was 10 years old. From that moment on, I have been building a quite interesting collection that is now counting somewhere around 2.000 pieces, most of them from the 20th century. At you can see the complete list of different coins I own. I like collecting coins since they tell a lot about the country and period they come from!